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Retain your workers and attract new talent

Brawn makes it easy for you to retain your workforce, and attract new talent, by keeping them happy and financially secure.


Improve employee happiness by 40%


Increase retention by 30%

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Challenges construction companies face today

Challenges Background Lines


of Americans rank financial stress as the number one source of stress. This means workers are Twice as likely to leave your organization.

Source: CNBC

Challenges Background Lines


of employees turnover in construction costing you $10k/worker.

Source: Homebase

Challenges Background Lines


of Americans rank financial stress as the number one source of stress. This means workers are Twice as likely to leave your organization.

Source: TIAA

Challenges Background Lines


of jobs are unfilled in construction. The labor gap isn't shrinking and you need a way to stand out.

Why should you care about your employees' financial health?

A financially secure worker — is a happy worker!

They will sleep better, have improved mental health, and perform better on the job.


Financial stress

Financial stress is the #1 stress in U.S. It ranks higher than job stress, health stress and relationship combined.

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Stressed employees

Financially stressed employees are 2.2 times more likely to quit your company.

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Worrying about finances

Your workers are spending 3+ hours per week worrying about their finances.

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Mental health is a big problem in construction today

Employers can help by offering a great personal finance solution that eliminates the financial stress a worker may be going through.

The construction industry has the second-highest suicide rate out of all major industries in the U.S.

The rate of suicide among male construction workers is four times higher than the general population.

The construction industry is facing an enormous growth in mental health related issues for the workforce. Financial strain is a major-factor that contributes to this crisis.

How Brawn can help you and your workforce?

We care deeply about improving the lives of construction workers and tradesmen and women. That's why we are building the number one personal finance app for blue collar workers. We'll help your workers save more, spend smarter and invest in their future. They'll get access to world class financial tools and dedicated financial coaching.

Ways we improve the lives of your employees

Get expert advice on their financial situation

Your workers will get their financial questions answered from an expert financial advisor. We provide them with personalized advice to improve their financial situation.

Earn cashback when spending smartly

Your workers can earn up to 6% in cashback when they use their existing debit card or credit card at one of the many merchants we partner

Save smarter & build a safety net

Your workers will get access to our smart saving account. Which will help them put more dollars away for hard times.

Build a retirement plan that works for them

Your workers will get access to expert retirement planning advice and advance investing solutions which will give them confidence about their retirement.

What can Brawn do for your bottom line?


Improve retention rate by 30%+

Minimize employee turnover and spend less money trying to find new talent.

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Improve happiness by up to 40%

Improve your employees' mental health and show them that you care about them.

Improved Productivity

Reduce your employees' financial stress. They'll sleep better and work harder at work.

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Attract new talent

Grow your workforce by offering meaningful benefits without any extra burden.

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A team you can trust

Our team is composed of financial and technology experts that come from Wall Street, Silicon Valley and main street. We have years of experience managing billions of dollars and providing financial tooling to tens of thousands of consumers.

The trades run through our blood

We come from a family of laborers, carpenters, welders and other trades. We've seen the struggles your workers go through first hand. We are dedicated to improving their livelihood. This in turn will help improve your construction business!

Our team comes from these great companies

A great solution even if you're already offering retirement benefits

Brawn is still very useful, even if you are already offering a 401(k) or other retirement benefit. Traditional benefits providers only scratch the surface of the pain points construction workers face.

We are a dedicated solution for construction workers. We know the challenges they face day-to-day and our solutions are personalized to address their needs.

You don't need to switch 401(k) providers

The one money membership that does it all

Other 401(K) providers
Real-Time AI Guidance
Investments Tracking & Brokerage
Networth tracking and budgeting
Financial planner & roadmap
Smart Savings Account (4% APY)
Cash back rewards
On demand learning

Onboard within minutes

We're not like those old, clunky benefit providers. Brawn is easy to set up. It only takes a few minutes to get your team integrated.

Give us a try. Your employees will love you for it!

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Want to learn more about how we can help?

We are here to help you and your workforce. Book a short call so we can learn more about your company, and show you how Brawn can help you retain your workforce and attract new talent.

Security & support you can trust

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Serious security

Brawn uses secure processes to protect your information and help prevent unauthorized use

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Protection and peace of mind

Any saving account deposits are FDIC insured up to $250,000.

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Anytime, anywhere support

If you need help, Brawn's support channels are standing by 24/7. Reach our friendly team by phone, email, in the app, or check out the Help Center.